SorSU COEA Faculty attends seminar-workshop on research proposal writing

A seminar-workshop on research proposal writing was held at the Conference Room of the College of Engineering and Architecture last October 26-27, 2023, attended by all the interested faculty members of the College. The seminar centered on guidelines for creating a good research proposal that caters both the needs of the engineer and architect researchers as well as the General Education faculty.

Engr. Jofeth Chavez, who spearheaded the event and the current research coordinator of the College, introduced the basic requirements of research proposal writing as required by the Office of Research and Development. In addition, he shared tools that researchers can utilize for the conceptualization of their research.

Meanwhile, Engr. Bryan Escoto shared simple guidelines and practices to create a good research proposal that is clear, concise, and complete. Moreover, he shared with the participants his experiences in presenting papers both in local and international conferences.

Also invited as speaker was Engr. Ivy Rose Gonzales, head of the SorSU Intellectual Property-Technology Business Management (IP-TBM) Office. Engr. Gonzales discussed the basics of Intellectual Property Rights, focusing on patent and copyright. Likewise, she emphasized the crucial importance of doing a patent search prior to proposing research on technology development to ensure its novelty.

In any research, statistics aid researchers in using the proper methods of collecting, analyzing, and visualizing the data. Hence, Engr. Noel Benavides, who teaches statistics in the Graduate School, provided a clear and engaging discussion on the subject for the purpose of guiding the faculty researchers in employing the proper statistical methods for their research.

Finally, Engr. Ernie Bañares complemented Engr. Benavides’ discussion on statistics by introducing RStudio, a tool that that can help researchers in their statistical computations, analysis, and graphical representation of their data.

On the second day of the seminar-workshop, the faculty researchers employed the guidelines discussed, by presenting their proposals. Following the presentation, the speakers provided their critique on the proposals for further development.

The two-day event proved fruitful as the participants left with knowledge and skills that are gearing them up for more future researches that could drive Sorsogon State University and the Province of Sorsogon towards sustainable development. (SorSU COEA)