SorSU conducts exploratory meeting with Path Finder V.A. Management Consultancy Services (PFMCS), discussed potential internship offerings and employment opportunities in Australia

An exploratory meeting was conducted between Path Finder V.A. Management Consultancy Services (PFMCS) and Sorsogon State University last July 17, 2023 via zoom virtual conference.

The meeting focused on discussing the potential of offering internships for students in Australia, with the added goal of ensuring employment opportunities after the training.

Leading the meeting were Dr. Vivien L. Chua, IRO Director and Dr. Nhila B. Vallar, the Chief Executive Director of PFMCS. They were joined by other key personnel, including Dr. Telesforo Escoto, the Campus Director of SorSU Sorsogon City Campus, Dr. Alfonso Garcia, Dean of CoTed, Dr. Maria Luisa Mirasol, Dean of CBM, as well as Ms. Rialyn Dogcol, Sorsogon City Campus IRO Coordinator, and Ms. Caryl Gamis, IRO Staff.

The meeting aimed to explore collaborative opportunities for the benefit of the students and foster meaningful partnerships between the university and the consultancy services company. (SorSU-IRO Facebook Page)