SorSU Delegates Navigate the Global Stage at AAHRMEI 2nd International Convention in Seoul, South Korea

In a significant leap towards global engagement, five participants from Sorsogon State University’s College of Business and Management, namely Dr. Maria Luisa P. Mirasol, Dean of SorSU College of Business and Management and faculty members, Ms. Alyssa Mae H. Atun, Mr. Novie F. Evasco, Ms. Aunel D. Dinglasan, and Mr. Rogelio B. Las Pinas Jr., recently represented the institution at the AAHRMEI 2nd International Convention and 23rd National Convention. Held in Seoul, South Korea, from December 1-4, 2023, the event marked a pivotal moment for the university’s foray into the international landscape of Hospitality and Tourism education.

The convention seamlessly blended a series of structured sessions with a benchmarking activity, particularly with Sejong University, a distinguished Korean institution renowned for its Tourism and Hospitality Management programs. The SorSU delegates actively participated in the convention proper and found the benchmarking activity to be a highlight, offering them a unique opportunity to observe and learn from the best practices employed by Sejong University.

The convention’s well-organized itinerary ensured that the SorSU participants not only gained insights from esteemed speakers but also immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of Korean culture and cuisine. This cross-cultural experience contributed to the participants’ holistic understanding of the global nuances within the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

One of the noteworthy aspects of SorSU’s participation was the potential collaboration with Hospitality Management educators. The convention provided a platform for SorSU’s College of Business and Management to explore collaborative efforts in adapting to industry trends, addressing pertinent issues, and incorporating best practices into their own Hospitality and Tourism education programs.

Key activities, including the benchmarking session and networking opportunities, allowed the SorSU delegates to establish connections with hospitality management professionals, educators, and industry practitioners. These connections not only expanded their professional networks but also paved the way for more collaborations and partnerships in the future. The impact of this international exposure went beyond the convention’s duration. The SorSU participants actively discussed the adaptation of best practices and the potential generation of new technologies and policy development based on the valuable insights gained all throughout the event.

In essence, the AAHRMEI 2nd International Convention served as a stepping stone for Sorsogon State University, propelling its College of Business and Management onto the global stage of Hospitality and Tourism education. The potential collaborations, insights gained, and connections established during this event position SorSU as a proactive player in shaping the future of the industry within the Philippines and beyond. (SorSU International Relations Office)