SorSU Games 2024 formally commences at Sorsogon City Campus featuring a bench cheering competition — LHS Unit III (House of Hufflepuff), CoTEdM (House of Navy Falcons) hail as champions for high school & college categories, respectively

Centered on the theme, “Honing Skills, Fostering Camaraderie in the Pamantasang May Puso,” Sorsogon State University (SorSU) – Sorsogon City Campus, following the opening parade around the town unifying the units in the Laboratory High School and four colleges in the campus (COEA, CBM, COT, & CoTEdM), formally marked the commencement of its campus-wide SorSU Games 2024 with an opening program featuring the presentation of units, hoisting of flags, lighting of the friendship torch, reading of oath of amateurism, and bench cheering competition last March 12, 2024, held at the SorSU Kasanggayahan Amphitheater, Sorsogon City Campus.

Mr. Richard Kevin A. Espedido (University Sports Coordinator), on behalf of Mr. Oliver F. Garbin (Head, Sports, Culture and Arts), delivered the opening remarks of the event, stressing the acronym FUN as a reminder to the respective athletes and participants throughout the four-day SorSU Games 2024.

“I just want you to remember the word FUN. F is for friendship. These intramurals will help us gain friendship with the different colleges of the university. Though this is a competition, still at the end of the day, we should always remember to make sure that we develop friendships among colleges. U – understanding, this is for us to understand that we are not just here [as] scholars of the country, but we are also here to be patriots and enthusiasts of sports. N, we just stay nonchalant. We just stay calm and remember the core values of the university (HEART). Be nonchalant, but at the same time, active.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Telesforo D. Escoto (Campus Director, Sorsogon City Campus) emphasized to the students that aside from studies and academic excellence, it is equally essential to take a break and engage in some recreational activity. Hence, SorSU Games provides the perfect opportunity for that. He also remarked, “One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it. — This is one of the important values that the SorSU Games promotes — sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is not just about following the rules of the game. It’s not just about winning or losing. But how we conduct ourselves during the games, showing respect to our opponents and showing graciousness in victory and dignity in defeat. It’s about shaking your hands with your opponents no matter what the result is. Remember, it’s not just about the final score, but the glory and experiences we gain along the way. Let us play, compete, and, most importantly, let’s have fun.

Further, SUC President III, Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus, during her message, highlighted that as the SorSU community continually transforms all aspects of the institution into that of a full-fledged university, “SorSU Games” as the title of the event shall also be adopted instead of the more common “intramurals”, as the new label is more appropriate for the collection of sports activities the university holds every year.
“We have also added ‘SorSU’ to distinguish this event from others held by other colleges and universities. More important, this distinction will add to the institutional identity that we are nurturing and have consistently upheld in all activities and events involving our university. As we rise higher as one, let the world know that we are SorSU, the Pride of Sorsogon.”

“Another reason why we are now emphasizing this event is to uplift the importance of sports, culture, and arts in the holistic development of our students. For more than ten years now, our institution has been well-known for excellence in the fields of instruction and research — proven by the high passing rate and even topnotchers in the licensure exams, recognition in research conferences and publications, as well as winning championships in intercollegiate competitions. Focusing on these we have assigned less priority to sports, arts, and cultural activities — considering them simply as extracurricular. Extra to the important academic activities. But this will change now because these events be given more importance alongside instruction and research. As we develop the mind, we must also strengthen the body and heart of our learners.”

Mr. Adrian Nebreja, the 8th-time Defending Champion during the daily rounds and a Semi-Finalist in Tawag ng Tanghalan sa Showtime Season 6, likewise graced the activity and showcased his musical prowess to the SorSUenos.

Afterward, the presentation of units by respective deans/area chair: Dr. Maria Luisa P. Mirasol (Dean, College of Business and Management), Dr. Orlando D. Doncillo (Dean, College of Technology), Engr. Rufo D. Durian (Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture), Dr. Alfonso L. Garcia Jr. (Dean, College of Teacher Education and Midwifery), & Prof. Maria Flora J. Renovalles (Area Chair, Laboratory High School) followed.
Meanwhile, the presidents/representatives of student-major organizations raced to the flag poles and hoisted their respective unit flags. On the other hand, the lighting of the friendship torch was headed by Xianlou Zyrel J. Madrid (National SCUAA Gold Medalist) alongside other SorSUeno National SCUAA Players 2023, namely Sarhandie Fababaer, Jasmin Joy Hatid, Angjelo Dino, Yuhrie Bocaling, Rachel Paje, Simon Joseph Domanais, Rauver Adao, Reymart Banquirigan, Rujhill Palo, and Zaidalyn De Serra. Likewise, Madrid (National SCUAA Gold Medalist) also took a lead reading of the Oath of Amateurism.

Subsequently, Engr. Clifford G. Gaton, as the Sorsogon City Campus Sports Coordinator, officially declared the formal opening of the four-day SorSU Games 2024 at the campus, signaling the commencement of various sports events, competitions, and activities.

Prior to the performances of units and colleges for the dance cheering competition, Mr. Roderick II J. Renovalles (Co-Chairperson, Bench Cheer/Yell Competition) provided the activity’s guidelines, followed by Mr. Roy O. Jarlego (Chairperson, Bench Cheer/Yell Competition) who delivered the criteria for judging and presented the distinguished judges, namely, Mr. Jerick Go Esguerra – Chairman of the Board of Judges (Instructor I, Sorsogon State University & Production Head Sarimanok Performing Arts of Talisay), Mr. Vicente J. de Jesus Jr. (Artistic Director of Ballet de Sorsogon – Sorsogon Dance Company & Choreographer and Director of Sarimanok Performing Arts), and Ms. Marie Joyce Castillo-Filgueras (Board Member and Secretary of Angat Kabataang Sorsoganon; One of the Head Organizers of Bicol Moves Seasons 1-3; & Dance Enthusiast, Performer, and Choreographer).

The bench cheering competition proper, the most anticipated part and the highlight of the event, brought color, glimmer, and glee to the night through the creative, harmonized, and enthusiastic performances of the four units in LHS and four colleges of the campus -— thus providing the engaged audience with delightful and fascinating entertainment.

Ultimately, the House of Hufflepuff (Unit III) brought home the championship for best bench cheering competition – high school category, while the House of Navy Falcons (CoTEdM) reigned as the champion for the college category. The winners and runners-up are as follows:


Laboratory High School Category
Champion – Unit III (House of Hufflepuff)
1st Runner-Up – Unit I (House of Ravenclaw)
2nd Runner-Up – Unit IV (House of Slytherin)
3rd Runner-Up – Unit II (House of Gryffindor)

College Category
Champion – College of Teacher Education and Midwifery (House of Navy Falcons)
1st Runner-Up – College of Engineering and Architecture (House of Verdant Vipers)
2nd Runner-Up – College of Business and Management (House of Golden Phoenix)
3rd Runner-Up – College of Technology (House of Crimson Wolves)

The opening day of SorSU Games 2024 concluded with a dynamic and engaging unity dance or ‘Bayle’ actively participated by all participants and students.

Congratulations to the winners and participants! (SorSU PIO)