SorSU garners 35 newly licensed midwives

The Sorsogon State University (SorSU) proudly congratulates its 35 newly licensed midwives for successfully passing the Licensure Examination for Midwives held last April 29 and 30, 2024, across various testing centers in the country.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), 1,698 out of 2,975 examinees passed the licensure examination. Remarkably, the performance rating of SorSU for first-time takers is 61.22%.

SorSU’s newly registered midwives are as follows:

  1. Arcos, Lyza L.
  2. Base, Mary Rose C.
  3. Bayle, Angel D.
  4. Bayle, Angeli B.
  5. Belmonte, Donna B.
  6. Buen, Renato Jr. B.
  7. Buenaobra, Jasmin A.
  8. Buitizon, Jinnel B.
  9. Chavez, Annie Kyle S.
  10. Dematera, Aleiah D.
  11. Demonteverde, Zyra L.
  12. Despi, Arcel G.
  13. Destacamento, Nessie D.
  14. Detecio, Aimel G.
  15. Diaz, Mary Rose C.
  16. Dolendo, Jodylyn D.
  17. Dolosa, Mariel Samantha
  18. Eduarte, Ruel Jr.
  19. Espejo, Christine Joy Ll.
  20. Estaras, Josie
  21. Fuellas, Jastine P.
  22. Gardon, Maria Etchelle G.
  23. Golpeo, Reymart A.
  24. Ibanez, Cherry Mae D.
  25. Irasga, Elaine E.
  26. Jebulan, Vincent E.
  27. Jetajobe, Angelyn
  28. Lagamayo, Judith D.
  29. Lagamayo, Mary Joy J.
  30. Lariosa, Myla H.
  31. Marantal, Mycah H.
  32. Monticod, Aireen T.
  33. Ocampo, Camela J.
  34. Ritual, Melissa Mae S.
  35. Sesbreno, Mazy A.

Kudos to Ms. Mary Anne Frances D. Reyes (Program Chair, Midwifery), faculty and mentors, and most especially, the MLE board passers for their passion, hard work, and dedication to succeed in the examination and, at the same time, for bringing pride and glory to the University! (SorSU PIO)

The SorSU family warmly congratulates the newly licensed SorSUeno Midwives and is one with them on this triumphant day! (SorSU PIO)