SorSU gears up collectively for two-day ISO 9001:2015 Recertification Audit

Aligned with the University’s proactive and relentless commitment to upholding the highest standards in quality management across its academic offerings and administrative services to its clientele, the Sorsogon State University (SorSU) is currently undergoing a two-day recertification audit for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015, by the National Quality Assurance of the Philippines, Inc. (NQA), a leading global certification body, from February 12-13, 2024, which encompasses SorSU Top Management Audit, various University frontline services, and the SorSU four campuses.

Heading the recertification audit are Lead Auditors, Mr. Ranilo L. Bernardino (NQA CEO/General Manager) and Ms. Thesz Bernardino, alongside two (2) other Auditors, Ms. Lorna Valdez and Ms. Cecilia De La Torre, wherein the audit primarily aims to (1) confirm that the management system established and implemented is in accordance with the requirements of the audit standard, as well as seeks to (2) evaluate the ability of the management to ensure the client organization meets applicable statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements, and (3) assess the effectiveness of the management system in continually meeting its specified objectives. Further, it intends to (4) identify areas of the management, as applicable, for potential improvement.

Included in the Top Management Audit are relative to the context of the organization, leadership (policy, customer focus, roles & responsibilities), planning/risk/quality objectives, performance evaluation, management review, and improvement. Meanwhile, among the core offices and units under evaluation are the Admission Services Unit, Registrar’s Office, Guidance and Counseling Services Unit, Human Resources/Training, BAC/Purchasing/External Providers, University Library, Student Development and Services, Records and Archive Unit, General Services and Campus Maintenance, Motorpool Services, Management Information System (MIS), Research, Extension & Training, Graduate School, International/Alumni Affairs, Sports, Culture and Arts, and Sentro ng Wika at Kultura, as well as the the Internal Audit/NC/CAR. operation control, colleges – sampling of programs, Quality Assurance, and campus maintenance.

Present during the opening meeting of the two-day audit were SorSU Vice Presidents: Mr. Gerald E. Fulay, JD (VPAF), Dr. Jhonner D. Ricafort (VPAA), and Dr. Ryan V. Dio (VPRET), campus directors, staff directors, unit heads, and SorSU key officials and personnel. (SorSU PIO)