SorSU-Graduate School organizes Students’ Orientation 2024

To officially welcome the Graduate Students for the 2nd Semester, Academic Year 2023-2024, as well as thoroughly orient them on GS policies and guidelines, Sorsogon State University – Graduate School (SorSU-GS) successfully spearheaded its GS Students’ Orientation 2024 last January 27, 2024, at the SorSU Audio-Visual Hall, Sorsogon City Campus.

The GS orientation commenced with welcome remarks from Dr. Ritzelda A. Deri (GS Coordinator, SDS, & Program Chair, PhD Math/MAED). Dr. Jhonner D. Ricafort (Vice President for Academic Affairs) also delivered a message following the Acknowledgment of the Graduate School Student per Program by Dr. Sherill A. Gilbas (Program Chair, PhD Language Education).

Moreover, the Presentation of the Regular and Part-time GS Faculty was led by Dr. Susan S. Janer (Dean, SorSU-GS), alongside distinguished SorSU-GS professors.

Meanwhile, Part II of the program equipped the students with the following services and requirements, to wit: Library Services, Registration Services, Cost Recovery Courses, Turnitin Similarity Report, Admission Requirements for EdD, Publication Requirement for Graduation, Flexible Enrollment for TW and DW, Residence Rule, and Other GS Policies & Proposed Increase in Fees.

Furthermore, the orientation also engaged the students in an open forum facilitated by Dr. Richard V. Dumilag (GS Faculty). The event culminated with a closing message from Dr. Gerry S. Digo (Program Chair, EdDLM/MAM-AS/MED).

A total of 453 graduate students (409 for Master’s Degree and 44 for Doctorate Program) attended the GS orientation. (SorSU PIO)