SorSU graduating students gather for Baccalaureate Mass and celebrate successful academic journey through Solidarity Candle lighting Ceremony 

The Sorsogon State University Graduating Students attended the Baccalaureate Mass and Solidarity Candle lighting Ceremony last June 5, 2023 at the iconic – Sorsogon Sports Complex, Balogo, Sorsogon City. 

The Baccalaureate Mass began at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and was officiated by Most. Rev. Jose Alan Dialogo, Bishop, Diocese of Sorsogon together with Rev. Fr. Fernando Caindec, Rev. Fr. Brian Victor de Castro, and Rev. Fr. Dexter Delumen. As the solemn activity proceeded, some parents, friends and loved ones also witnessed the religious event.

After the mass, the Solidarity Candle lighting Ceremony commenced, this program was hosted by the University Student Council under the leadership of Mr. Vince P. Janoras. The activity involved the recognition of the candidates for graduation with words of appreciation to the faculty and the university administration, followed by an audiovisual presentation capturing the best moments and valuable experiences of the students.

University Student Council President, Mr. Janoras expressed his congratulations to all of the graduates. In his message, he recalled experiences that have defined their achievement as the graduating batch, he said “From late-night study sessions to group projects and countless exams, we have shown resilience and determination. We have faced challenges head-on, never losing sight of our goals, and now, we have emerged victorious”. He continued to share his appreciation to the University and reminded his fellow graduates to embrace opportunities that arrive, have the courage to pursue passions, follow one’s dream and to make a positive impact on society. 

“Never forget your roots and the community that has shaped you. Use your education to make a positive impact on society, to uplift those around you, and to create a world that is more just, compassionate, and equitable. Mula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso, Salamat Sorsogon State University, binago mo ang buhay ko. “

After the message, the Candle lighting Ceremony followed shortly, this candle – lighting ceremony signifies solidarity among the Pamantasang may Puso community members – the university officials, members of the faculty, non-teaching personnel, students and stakeholders. Furthermore, the ceremony featured the lighting of the torches by the University key officials, which is passed down to the candles of graduating student.This act symbolizes the partaking of  knowledge that Sorsogon State University handed to the students along with the realization of its vision and mission, and imbibing its core values. 

As the event came to a close, the students were given the time to sign the shirts of their fellow graduates to show their appreciation, love and hopes to each SorSUeño. Moreover, the names of Honor Graduates were announced to the crowd by deans and program chairs. The ceremony concluded with the singing of the University Hymn and a fireworks display where the beams of light cascading in the sky spark the commencement of a new chapter to our dear SorSUeños.