SorSU Hospitality Management Society celebrates “HMS Week 2024”

The Hospitality Management Society of the Sorsogon State University College of Business Management, under the leadership of Mr. Novie F. Evasco and Ms. Alyssa Mae H. Atun, orchestrated a dynamic celebration during the Hospitality Management Society Week on May 2-3, 2024, held at the SorSU covered court. With the theme “Fostering Harmony in Hospitality: Creating Legacy, Empowering Talent, and Promoting Peace Towards Excellence,” the event aimed to highlight the multifaceted aspects of hospitality and its role in promoting unity and excellence.

The activity kicked off with a mass and was subsequently followed by a spirited street dance, featuring vibrant performances from the National Capital Region, BARMM and 13 other regions. Each performance showcased the rich cultural tapestry of the Philippines.

Following an inspiring message from Mr. Novie F. Evasco (Adviser, HMS), the stage was set for the anticipated competition. The panel of judges evaluated each contingent based on four criteria: King & Queen Lakbay Pilipinas 2024, regional costumes, gastronomic offerings and booth decoration. Each booth showed regional culture and culinary artistry.

Overall, the event served as a reminder of the transformative power of hospitality and the spirit of excellence. It provided a platform for students to showcase their skills and celebrate the rich tapestry of Philippine culture. (SorSU PIO)