SorSU Magallanes Campus conduct workshop on Extension and Management for Project Leaders and Implementers

Sorsogon State University Magallanes Campus personnel, Dr. Ryan V Dio, VP for Extension and Training Services, Dr. Ana Cristina G. Fortes, Director, Extension Services, Dr. Mae H. San Pablo and Prof. Elden G. Orgela, Faculty Extensionists convene during the workshop on extension and management for Project Leaders and Implementers last October 18, 2023 at the Post Harvest Building, SorSU Magallanes Campus. The activity is headed by Prof. Lynn C. Mendoza, SorSU Magallanes Campus Director.

The goal of this extension activity is to develop a mechanism by which faculty extensionists manifest comprehensive understanding of the concepts, principles, policies on extension services and an increased mobility and engagement of faculty extensionists and students. (SorSU Magallanes Campus)