SorSU Peer Facilitators Organization nurtures mental wellness through Peer Kumustahan

With the theme “You matter: Cultivating Mental Wellness and Fostering Gender Responsive Strategies for a Stress-Free-Learning Journey”, the Peer Facilitators Organization under the Sorsogon State University Office of the Guidance & Counseling Services headed by Ms. Mary Ann Jintalan (Registered Guidance Counselor), orchestrated the empowering event, “Peer Kumustahan” on April 19, 2024 at Baribag campus covered court.

Ms. Mary Ann Jintalan (RGC) emphasized the significance of mental wellness in the academic journey and well-being of the students. As the program progressed, peer counseling sessions provided a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their experiences and seek guidance. The atmosphere was one of empathy and understanding, where participants felt empowered to voice their concerns and feelings.
The Peer Kumustahan event in Baribag campus not only highlighted the importance of mental health but also underscored the value of gender-responsive approaches in promoting well-being within the educational setting. It inspired attendees to prioritize self-care and to contribute to nurturing environments both for themselves and others in their academic journey. (SorSU PIO)