SorSU President Dr. De Jesus and OSDS Team visit SorSU-Castilla Campus; emphasized the “LOVE GG” key points

The Sorsogon State University President Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus, Prof. Ma. Crisanta Jarque, the Director of the Office of Student Development Services, Ms. Marinel Soriano, Head-Scholarship and Financial Assistance, Dr. Medin Nicolas, Head-Health Services, and Ms. Mary Ann Jintalan, Head-Guidance and Counselling Services, graced the campus during the peak of the students’ orientation. The visit took place on September 6, 2023, at 3:00 pm in the FTC Hall of the Castilla Campus of Sorsogon State University.

Dr. De Jesus used the acronym “LOVE GG” to highlight key points in her speech. The letters stand for: L—Learn; O—Opportunity; V—Values; E—Excellence; G—The good name of SorSU; and G—God. She also emphasized the importance of being a part of the SorSU community and how, by working together, we can help the university achieve greater success. Dr. De Jesus concluded her speech by expressing optimism that in the future, upon the students’ graduation and departure from the halls of SorSU, they will be able to really express their thanks by saying, “Salamat Sa SorSU ng Dahil Sayo, Nabago Ang Buhay Ko.”

Afterwards Prof. Ma. Crisanta Jarque, Director of the Office of Student Development Services gave an orientation of the structure and functions of the OSDS present with her were Ms. Marinel Soriano, Head- Scholarship and Financial Assistance, Dr. Medin Nicolas, Head- Health Services and Ms. Mary Ann Jintalan, Head-Guidance and Counselling Services. Prof. Jarque introduced the office heads under the OSDS and emphasized the OSDS’s role in offering service to students by planning, organizing, and implementing university-wide events that cater to and develop the students’ emotional, intellectual spiritual, and development skills. The updates regarding their separate offices were provided by Dr. Medin Nicolas, Ms. Marinel Soriano, and Ms. Mary Ann Jintalan. They also shared contact information for students to reach their respective offices.

A group photo was taken at the conclusion of the event to commemorate the happy occasion. (SorSU Castilla Campus)