SorSU produces 189 newly Licensed Professional Teachers (LPTs) in 4 campuses; BSED-Sciences graduates secure top spots nationwide — Dayot seizes Top 8, Fresto ranks Top 10

Brimming with pride and honor, Sorsogon State University (SorSU) proudly congratulates its one hundred eighty-nine newly (189) Licensed Professional Teachers (LPTs) across four campuses who successfully passed the March 2024 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LEPT) conducted in various testing centers in the country, last March 17, 2024.

Remarkably, MS. SHAINA RED DAYOT and MR. VINCENT GILI FRESTO, both BSEd-Sciences graduates, exhibited outstanding performances in the examination nationwide. MS. DAYOT victoriously secured TOP 8, while MR. FRESTO notably seized TOP 10, with respective ratings of 91.20% and 90.80%.

Further, the overall performance rating of SorSU – Sorsogon City Campus for the elementary level is 87.18 (34 successful examinees) and a passing percentage of 100% for first-time takers. Meanwhile, the secondary level successfully gained 73.76% (104 passers), with first-time takers earning an 89.80% passing percentage.

Moreover, under the elementary level, SorSU – Magallanes Campus garnered a performance rating of 75.00% (6 passers), while its secondary level obtained 50.00% overall (5 passers). Its first-time takers acquired a 100% passing percentage for the elementary level.

In addition, SorSU-Castilla Campus attained a passing percentage of 62.96% for first-timers in the secondary level, with an overall passing percentage of 55.00% (22 passers). SorSU-Bulan Campus attained a passing percentage of 41.86% overall (18 passers) and a rating of 45.45% for first-time takers.

As announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), 20,890 out of 44,764 elementary teachers and 50,539 out of 85,980 secondary teachers triumphantly passed the licensure examination. SorSU-Sorsogon City Campus impressively surpassed both the national passing percentage of 46.67% for the elementary level and 58.78% for the secondary level. In addition, SorSU-Magallanes Campus likewise exceeded the national passing percentage for the elementary level.

The SorSU community commends Dr. Telesforo D. Escoto (Campus Director, Sorsogon City Campus) and Dr. Alfonso L. Garcia, Jr. (Dean, College of Teacher Education and Midwifery-Sorsogon City Campus) as well as Prof. Lynn C. Mendoza (Campus Director, Magallanes Campus), Prof. Andrew F. Detera (Campus Director, Castilla Campus), Prof. Ma. Elena C. Demdam (Campus Director, Bulan Campus), Dr. Diana V. Sales (Dean, College of Business Management and Education – Bulan Campus), program chairs, and faculty members& mentors. Most importantly, the Pamantasang May Puso applauds and extends its proud congratulations to its 189 LEPT passers succeeding on the examination and, at the same time, for selflessly choosing and devoting themselves to the noblest profession and becoming newly Licensed Professional Teachers! The University takes great pride in your outstanding academic feats! (SorSU PIO)