The Sorsogon State University (SorSU) proudly congratulates its thirty-five (35) newly licensed mechanical engineers for successfully passing the 2024 Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examination (MELE) conducted last February 20-22, 2024, across testing centers in the country.

As officially announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), 4,458 out of 6,770 examinees successfully passed the licensure examination. SorSU’s overall performance rating is 66.04%, which, once again, notably surpassed the national passing percentage of 65.85%. Moreover, SorSU successful first-time takers recorded a rating of 68.09%.

SorSU’s newly registered mechanical engineers are the following, to wit:

  1. Engr. John Robert Millapre Abocado
  2. Engr. Camille Joy Dob Ansus
  3. Engr. Cedrick Domagco Ansus
  4. Engr. Joshua Docog Bernal
  5. Engr. Royen Paul Alexandre Grefaldeo Bonos
  6. Engr. Lemuel Ben Briones Broqueza
  7. Engr. Angelu Romero Canales
  8. Engr. Domingo Jr. Ledesma Dechavez
  9. Engr. Omar Dela Pena
  10. Engr. Kenneth Altamia Dellosa
  11. Engr. Erick Nicole Pancho Detecio
  12. Engr. Alaiza Mae Eligarco Diasanta
  13. Engr. Esther Hendong Dingalan
  14. Engr. Ronilyn Corral Dolar
  15. Engr. Jhon-Jhon Nonacido Domanico
  16. Engr. Angelo Destura Domo
  17. Engr. Joshua Navales Duka
  18. Engr. Jennil Garbin Dupan
  19. Engr. John Arvin Doroja Ebrada
  20. Engr. Michael Escueta Esperida
  21. Engr. Rency Llabore Germedia
  22. Engr. Vincent Gerero Goyon
  23. Engr. Sean Steven Jarabese Jintalan
  24. Engr. John Mark Erlano Labastida
  25. Engr. Nathan Kim Doncillo Ladesma
  26. Engr. Emmanuel Louise Adame Lareza
  27. Engr. Kathreen Aurea Jalmasco Matocinos
  28. Engr. Jhosua Jade Bartolata Minon
  29. Engr. Astro Dominic Amaranto Nituda
  30. Engr. Maica Janoras Petilos
  31. Engr. Rica Sampilingan Rentoria
  32. Engr. Roland Divina Sales
  33. Engr. Jeffrey Bellen Salvador
  34. Engr. Peter Simon Garlan Santos
  35. Engr. Angela Eiren Lucanas Tejada

The SorSU Community applauds the College of Engineering & its Dean, Engr. Rufo D. Durian III; faculty members & mentors; and most importantly, the board passers for their exemplary performance in the MELE, exemplifying their immense hard work, perseverance, and commitment to not just succeed on the examination but as well as bring honor and pride to the University.

Once again, congratulations to 35 newly licensed SorSU mechanical engineers! (SorSU PIO)