SorSU products showcased at BU Guinobatan’s 1st Agri-festival

RAISE Bicol’s Consortium Member Institutions (CMIs) also set up a booth located at Bicol University Guinobatan Admin. grounds where participating agencies display technology and agri products such as:

1. SorSU’s Pili Delight Bread Spread; CM Puto Seko; Bluemeric Tea; Pili Cookies; Organic Blends Oil; Freeny Noodles; and Veggie Bites (in different flavors)

2. CBSUA’s Cacao Chocolate Bar (72%; 85%)

3. Eddie’s Molido Candy

4. Pilio Aromatherapy Salves

5. FiberTech’s Fiber Products (Bag, Wallet, Salakot)

6. ParSU’s Mamorice Polvoron, Cookies, and Graham Balls; and Sweet Potato Chips, Taro Chips, Cassava Chips, and Banana Chips.