SorSU Representatives Explores Cutting-Edge Education Practices through Cross-SEAMEO Visits in Singapore

Representatives from Sorsogon State University embarked on a transformative journey from November 11 to 19, 2023, as they engaged in cross-border visits to higher education institutions (HEIs) in Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) member countries. The delegation, consisting of Dr. Oscar Peter D. Pascual and Ms. Melody Llabres, both are distinguished faculty members of Castilla Campus, and Prof. Lynn C. Mendoza, Campus Director of Magallanes Campus, delved into an enriching experience centered in Singapore.

The key focus of their visit included immersive dialogues, conferences, and interactions with faculty members and administrators from renowned institutions, namely The HEAD Foundation, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Social Sciences, and Republic Polytechnic.

The HEAD Foundation, renowned for championing Child Education and Healthcare, served as an insightful starting point. Despite relying on external funding, the foundation actively supports countries particularly Indonesia.

The trio then explored HEIs established in 2000 or later, where a common theme emerged – futuristic campuses, electronic controls, immaculate cleanliness, and a commitment to experiential learning. Noteworthy was the prevalence of multi-racial student bodies and faculty members.

A shared theme among the visited HEIs was the integration of AI technology for learning, reflecting a commitment to staying at the forefront of educational advancements.

The SorSU representatives returned home with potential collaborative opportunities and profound insights into the future of instruction. The exposure to innovative practices and cutting-edge technologies is expected to influence the university’s strategies for advancing education in the Philippines.

This cross-SEAMEO visit not only strengthens international ties but also positions Sorsogon State University on the precipice of educational innovation, ready to shape the future of learning in the region. (SorSU International Relations Office)