Strengthening Academic Bonds: Sorsogon State University’s Remarkable Journey to An Giang University

A remarkable story of collaboration and international friendship has emerged in the ever-expanding global tapestry of education. A distinguished delegation from Sorsogon State University (SorSU) recently embarked on a remarkable journey to An Giang University on September 13, 2023 as part of their benchmarking activities aimed at enhancing SorSU’s practices in distinguished Universities in Vietnam.

The said delegation was led by the University President Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus and along with her were key members such as Prof. Ma. Elena C. Demdam, who serves as the Campus Director of SorSU Bulan Campus, Dr. Vivien L. Chua, the Director of the International Relations Office, Prof. Cora Bongalosa, the IRO Coordinator of Bulan Campus, and Mr. Jopet Vincent Medalla, a Visiting Instructor in English Language Education.

Upon their arrival at An Giang University, they received a warm welcome from An Giang University officials. Notable figures among these officials included Prof. Vo Van Thang, who holds the position of An Giang University President, Dr. Nguyen Huu Tri, serving as the External Relations Officer, Dr. Nguyen Tien Ngo, the Deputy Dean of the Foreign Language Department, Dr. Nguyen Von Hoa, Vice Deputy Dean of the Information Technology Department, and Mr. Nguyen Dang Khoa, who serves as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics & Business at An Giang University.

The highlight of this visit was a productive meeting between the two universities, where both parties discussed the possibilities of academic collaboration. The discussions were multifaceted, encompassing various aspects of potential academic partnership such as faculty and student exchange programs, collaborative research initiatives and student internship opportunities.

The benchmarking visit to An Giang University is not only a testament to the dedication of both institutions to enhancing global education but also a significant stride towards fostering international understanding and cooperation in the academic sphere. It also signifies a commitment to creating a more interconnected world where knowledge and ideas flow freely across borders.

As SorSU and An Giang University embark on this exciting chapter of their academic journey, they open doors to new opportunities, knowledge exchange, and a brighter future for their students and faculties. It is expected that this meeting will lead to a brighter future for students and personnel at both universities, ultimately contributing to the advancement of education on a global scale.

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