Student Services Heads Collaborate on Strategic Initiatives in Recent Meeting

In a recent meeting last February 28,2024, the Student Service Heads namely Ms. Mary Ann J. Jintalan (Guidance and Counselling Services), Ms. Lelanie L. Berjuega (Career and Job Placement),  Dr. Sherill A. Gilbas (Admission Services), Ms. Marinel D. Soriano (Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services), Dr. Medin N. Nicolas (Health Services), Ms. Ritzi C. Fullente (Food and Housing Services), Mr. Francis O. Antionio (Security and Safety Services) and Mr. Oliver F. Garbin (Sports and Culture Services) together with the Director, Prof Maria Crisanta M. Jarque convened to discuss relevant agenda signaling a collective commitment to elevating the student experience. The meeting covered a diverse range of topics aimed at further enhancing the quality and scope of services provided by the university’s student support system.

The meeting began with a moment of celebration as the ISO re-certification results were announced, revealing the university’s commitment to maintaining international standards. Anticipating an upcoming monitoring and ocular inspection by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the heads delved into preparations to ensure that the university’s student services not only meet but exceed the regulatory requirements set forth by the commission. Updates on the different forms provided by CHED were likewise discussed and commented.

Each unit within the Office of Student Development Services (OSDS) presented their recent accomplishments highlighting the recent One-day Admission Test and participation to the Regional PASUC. Alongside is the sharing of future plans and activities from each OSDS unit. To add, the crafted evaluation tool for Student Development Services (SDS) was reiterated, with plans for its widespread dissemination. The tool aims to gather valuable feedback from students to continuously improve and tailor services to their evolving needs.

The meeting addressed the continuous accreditation processes of different programs, emphasizing the importance of preparing documents for “Area IV: Support to Students” and sharing these to task force. Gender and Development (GAD) Director, Ms. Riche Duran was invited in the meeting to engage in a comprehensive GAD orientation, discussing the Harmonized Gender and Developmental Guidelines (HGDG) to ensure that student services and programs are inclusive, gender-sensitive, and gender responsive. The group discussed plans for benchmarking activities, aiming to learn from successful models in other institutions and apply best practices to further elevate the standard of student services.

Wrapping up the meeting, a commitment to continuous professional development was emphasized, with plans for an upcoming SDS Training-Seminar to enhance the skills and knowledge of staff members, ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

The collaborative efforts of the student services heads underscore a dedication to providing students with a supportive, enriching, and inclusive university experience, setting the stage for future achievements and advancements in the realm of student development. (SorSU-OSDS)