VPA, Mr. Fulay; PMO Director, Arch. Gegajo; & Arch. Olavere embark on a journey to Taiwan — join the 2023 Yuan Ye Awards: Professional Learning Trip, Training, and Sharing

Through the invitation of the Center for Leadership, Citizenship and Democracy (CLCD) under the National College of Public Administration and Governance, University of the Philippines (UP NCPAG), Sorsogon State University – Vice President for Administration and Finance (SorSU-VPAF), Mr. Gerald E. Fulay, together with Arch. Luisita F. Gegajo (Director, Project Management Office) and Arch. Garner Ted G. Olavere (COEA Faculty Professor) participated in the five-day international event called the 2023 Yuan Ye Awards: Professional Learning Trip, Training, and Sharing held in Kaohsiung City and Taipei City, Taiwan, last October 24-28, 2023.

Bannering the theme: “Reforming Mindsets: Urban and Community Development toward Green Architecture, Resiliency, and 4Cs – City aesthetics, Construction quality, Citizen participation, and Community building and economy”, the five-day international event, with lead tour guide Dr. Eing-Ming Wu (Chair Professor, Shu-Te University Kaoshiung, Taiwan) and partners, engaged the participants in various activities and diverse destinations, including city government tours in Kaohsiung City focusing on 1999 Citizen’s Complaint Operation, policy implementation, and monitoring of urban development as well as discussions with officials regarding governance and management for city aesthetics, green architecture, resilience management, citizen participation, community building, quality of construction, and community economy.

Moreover, hosted and arranged by the Kaohsiung Real Estate Development Association, the delegates also participated in a field visit to rural communities such as Chiayi County and Yunlin County, emphasizing community building and revitalization. In addition, during the five-day visit, the Taiwanese representatives initiated discussions along with the objectives of the Yuan Ye Awards model and how its program can be adapted and localized in the Philippines.

Relatively, the international event concluded with the 2023 Yuan Ye Awards Ceremony, the event’s highlight, held at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel, Taipei City. Headed by Dr. Eing-Ming Wu (Chair Professor, Shu-Te University Kaoshiung, Taiwan) and other representatives of Taiwanese sectors, they conferred awards on various topics. These included the legacy of the Yuan Ye Architect Awards, a study of Asian architecture prototypes in a changing climate in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and the preservation and revitalization of indigenous slate houses. Such presentations exhibited successful prototypes and best practices from Taiwan that hold potential for replication in the Philippines.

Further, the primary objective of this international event is to provide participants with opportunities for learning by witnessing the 2023 Yuan Ye Awards Ceremony, visiting and meeting Yuan Ye participating communities, and having discussions regarding Taiwan’s governance in urban development, public works, economic development, and transportation.

The experience embarked upon by the SorSU delegates is an invaluable opportunity to engage in collaborative activities and significantly expand their perspectives in the field of governance and management, along with social innovations and sustainability for green, aesthetic, and resilient communities. Moreover, the event fostered cultural exchanges that transcended borders and enabled the sharing of innovative approaches, best practices, and educational resources in the aforementioned fields from the hosting country and those best suited as models in the local settings of the Philippines.

The Philippine delegation, including SorSU delegates, was composed of Filipino urban planners, architects, and professionals from the related fields; academic leaders and officials; and government officials who are representatives from UP – School for Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), UP College of Architecture, UP Mindanao, Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners – National Capital Region (PIEP-NCR), Mandaluyong City Planning & Development Office, and National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG). (SorSU PIO)